Services provided

Psychological Assessments

•DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENTS for the purpose of identification of a DSM-V based disorder.

•PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT for the purpose of assessing cognitive functioning and academic achievement.


WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS that focus on children’s mental health issues and related topics. Topics range from depression in children, anger management for children, how to read an ABLLS assessment, amongst other topics. Check our website regularly for upcoming topics.

Counseling Services

•INDIVIDUAL - Children, Adolescents, Adults who need support dealing with day to day functioning.

•FAMILY/PARENT/CAREGIVER –Adults who need support dealing with day to day functioning.

Group Support Services

•Social Skills Groups
•Parent Support Groups
•Parent/Caregiver Training
•Anger Management Group

Specialized ABA Based Services

We pride ourselves in the specialized ABA Based Services offered at Endless PossABILITIES. In addition to offering Life Skills and Behaviour Management for severe to mild behavioural challenges, we offer an extensive line up of Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI).

This inlcudes;

•ABA, IBI & Verbal Therapy
•Social Skills
•Direct Instruction
•Academic Tutoring (for all children up to Grade 8)
•Supported Inclusion
•Community programming
•Day Care Support/Consultation
•School Consulting
•Classroom Instruction (Ages 3+)
•Respite Services
•Specialized Trainings
•Assessment Clinic